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If you’re looking to manage your HR administration centrally (e.g., from a corporate headquarters abroad) but need some local administrative support, Admin Pack is the solution for you! We can handle all benefits-related admin as well as contacts with local authorities.

Grow your business without growing your admin!

Grow your business without growing your admin!

Staff with local personnel-administration expertise at your service.

Lower HR-related costs

Lower HR-related costs

With Admin Pack you can avoid having a dedicated HR team in Austria while still developing your business here.

A local network

A local network

We’ll put our proven network of contacts in federal government to work for you.


BMD.com is a dedicated personnel-administration web portal.
Your staff can use it to access and download all their personal information, including monthly salary slips and year-end salary certificates.

You can use BMD.com to manage:

  • staff absences / attendance
  • travel and expense
  • expense reports
  • personnel data


We’d be happy to answer any questions you might have or provide further information.



Our domiciliation service offering has been designed for companies that are not registered in the register of commerce but wish to have employees in Austria. We handle all the administrative aspects of domiciliation, in full compliance with applicable Austrian legislation, and manage the tax advantages and constraints associated with Austrian corporate domiciliation.

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